Saturday, April 22, 2017

Contemporary Reports of Killings in the USSR that included Children

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The following is merely a sample of reports where the killing of children is included or clearly implied. More will follow in due course. To these must also be added the numerous actions in the Jaeger Report that included children, and Jaeger's update of 9.2.42 which gave a total killed of 34,464 children.We can also consider the high number of references to places being "free of Jews" (e.g. EM 88, EM 133, EM 150) as being inclusive of killing all the children.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Nacht und Nebel update

Author: Sergey Romanov
I have how added a couple of document images to the post exposing the old fool Faurisson.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Podcast Interview on Holocaust Denial

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
I gave an interview a couple of months ago to Matthew Buckley of Adelaide, Australia, who runs a podcast called Social Justice Warriors. We talked about the phenomenon of denial in general, techniques of denial, whether deniers are liars or just lousy historians, and the current status of Holocaust denial as a movement.'

For readers interested in the "inside baseball" of HC, there's a bit of our backstory at the beginning of the interview. Apologies to Nick for never remembering where he went to school and to Sir Ian Kershaw for failing to remember his name.

Monday, April 17, 2017

German Document on Chelmno Gas Van Driver Filling up Gasoline in Lodz

Author: Hans Metzner
APL 221/30183, p. 11
A document from the Ghetto Lodz administration shows that on 2 September 1944 "Laabs" from the "SS police" refuelled his truck with the licence number "71449" two times with "45 liters" of gasoline at the tank station of the Ghetto Lodz administration. The driver "Laabs" of the "SS police" can be matched to the well known permanent gas van driver of the SS and police Sonderkommando Kulmhof Gustav Laabs (see testimonies in the appendix below). That this vehicle was indeed a homicidal gas van is supported by the fact that its license number of 71449 is close to those of other known gas vans 71457, 71462 and 71463 (see also How the convergence of evidence works: the gas van of Auschwitz, Mattogno and the Activity & Situation Report of Einsatzgruppe B on its Gas Vans and Rebuttal of Alvarez on Gas Vans: The Schäfer, Trühe & Rauff Telexes).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jews Shot because They Were Jews

Author: Jonathan Harrison
In response to the brainless denier meme that Jews were only shot in the USSR because they were partisans, Communists, saboteurs or provocateurs (a meme that is antisemitic on its face, because no other group was automatically shot because it was assumed to inherently possess those characteristics), below are a list of quotes from Einsatzgruppen Operational Situation Reports [hereafter EMs] which show that being a Jew alone - and for no other reason - was sufficient to get a person shot, regardless of age, class, gender or political history.

Friday, April 07, 2017

German Instigation of Pogroms

Author: Jonathan Harrison
A favourite meme of Holocaust deniers is that pogroms were not the responsibility of the Germans. Germar Rudolf even claims here that Jewish deaths from pogroms were not "real Holocaust victims." This article refutes such lies by demonstrating that references to pogroms in the Einsatzgruppen Operational Situation Reports [hereafter EMs] almost always show attempts by Germans to instigate them. The success or failure of these attempts varies with the region in which each Einsatzkommando was operating.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Denial Fossil Faurisson Sounds Like a Broken Record (Again)

Author: Sergey Romanov
After the news that Angela Merkel will receive USHMM's Elie Wiesel award the French denier of the obvious Robert Faurisson couldn't stay silent and had to express his displeasure in an article with the name as long as Pinocchio's nose would be if he were to read any of Faurisson's articles out loud: "Is Angela Merkel Going to Endorse Elie Wiesel’s lies and, Particularly, his lie of the Extermination of the Jews at Auschwitz by Fire and not by Gas?" in which he, predictably, attacks Wiesel as a "false witness":

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

137 Crushed Lies, or Why Denial Is Beyond Repair

Author: Sergey Romanov
The average online denier is not a sophisticated creature. He is usually satisfied with a few memes he has found on Twitter or at some forum and repeats them ad infinitum, never bothering to fact-check them, thus regurgitating the deceptive tidbits that have been debunked over and over and over again. One such moldy debunked meme is the myth about the crushed testicles of 137 German defendants in the Dachau trials.

From David Irving's site:
All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was Standard Operating Procedure with American investigators.
The source is given as "The Progressive, February 1949, p. 21f", the author is alleged to be Edward L. Van Roden:
a Pennsylvania judge served in World War I and II, in the latter as Chief of the Military Justice Division for the European Theater where he saw service in Normandy, Belgium, the Rhineland, the Battle of the Bulge, and in the Ardennes. In 1946 he was reassigned to active duty and served on several important court martial trials in Germany. In 1948 Secretary of the Army Royall appointed him to an extraordinary commission charged with investigating the Dachau War Crimes program.
So of course this is repeated ad nauseam on Twitter and at trashy forums like CODOH, where this is a favorite of its know-nothing Aufseher Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis.

An Early Use of 'Ausrottung' - and a small deception by Jansson

Author: Jonathan Harrison
On September 12, 1936, Julius Streicher used the word 'extirpated' [Ausrottung] in a clearly exterminatory sense in a speech reported by The Times, reproduced on September 16 in The Glasgow Herald, shown here. Jansson claims here that the quote was imputed falsely to Streicher by Jewish organizations, and credulously chooses to believe Streicher's defence at Nuremberg. However, Jansson's own source (pp.23-24) shows that the quote was published in The Times, which was not a Jewish organization, and the original author of the article was, according to his biography, Matthew Halton, a Canadian reporter.

Update: The Extermination of Entire Communities in Ukraine in 1941

Author: Jonathan Harrison
It is often assumed that no Axis orders were issued before the invasion to kill women and children in any part of the USSR, but this assumption is false. The General Inspector of the Romanian Gendarmerie, Constantin Vasiliu, issued an order on June 17 or 18, 1941, mandating "the extermination on the spot of all Jews in rural areas, enclosing them in ghettos in urban areas, and the arrest of all those suspected of being Communist party members or of having held important functions under Soviet rule [cited by Ancel, here, note 21, and by Deletant, p.143]." However, it is correct that in the area under the authority of HSSPF Jeckeln, the killing of women and children only became systematic in late August. Prior to the Kamenets-Podolsky massacre of 27.8.41, 40,000 Jews had been killed, but from 27.8.41 to 30.9.41, 100,000 were murdered [Dieter Pohl, here, p.32]. This article examines how the German policy escalated from one of primarily shooting male Jews (as a "security measure" or in reprisal) to one of exterminating whole Jewish population centres.

Monday, April 03, 2017

More on Sebastian Gorka

Author: Andrew E. Mathis

Since I wrote on this topic last, right wing bloggers and journalists have circled the wagons around Sebastian Gorka, Trump's deputy adviser for national security and purported anti-terrorism expert. Responding to reporting by the Forward, on the Lobelog blog, and in the Hungarian press, Richard Miniter – among other writers – responded on the Forbes Web site.

Miniter's defense of Gorka is remarkable for its sheer length and comprehensiveness. Going point by point, Miniter begins with the assertion that charges of anti-Semitism on Gorka's part, on the basis of his having cofounded a political party with former members of the Jobbik far-right party, are a matter of guilt by association. He elaborates:
Gorka founded a party that included some people who came from another party and that other party had some figures who… Really? This is the argument here? Gorka wrote for a newspaper that also published content that critics called “anti-Semitic” and hung around opposition figures that included people that critics say are “anti-Semitic,” therefore…. Even if the critics were right about the alleged “anti-Semitism” of the other journalists and the other politicians (and there are good reasons to believe that their characterizations are highly questionable), it reveals nothing about Gorka or his beliefs. Sharing a room with Helen Keller does not make one blind; sharing a subway car with Albert Einstein does not make one a genius.
Miniter has something of a point – the mere fact of a relationship between Gorka and some loathsome characters on Hungary's far right cannot be used alone to establish the political leanings of Gorka himself.

However, the analogy that ends the quote above is inapt. No, sharing a room with Helen Keller does not make one blind; however, sharing a political party with her might result in the reasonable assumption that the person sharing that party is a socialist, as Keller herself was. Moreover, it's certainly true that sharing a subway car with Albert Einstein does not make one a genius; however, publishing scholarly articles in the same journals with Einstein might reasonably result in the assumption that the person in question is a theoretical physicist.

Taking Miniter's argument about Gorka's political assumptions one by one, we can begin with the assertion that "Gorka wrote for a newspaper that also published content that critics called 'anti-Semitic' and hung around opposition figures that included people that critics say are 'anti-Semitic.'" What's irksome about this passage is not only the sneer quotes around "anti-Semitic" but also what even a cursory examination of the people in question reveals about their political points of view.

Among the photos making the rounds is one of Gorka standing to Támás Molnár (above), one of the former Jobbik members referred to above. As the screenshot shown below reveals, the two men are Facebook friends. To be fair, Gorka has more than 2,000 "friends" on Facebook, but there are several other Jobbik members and political allies not on Gorka's friends list. We might assume (and I do believe that the evidence suggests that Gorka should address this issue directly) that the two men are friends.

So what does Molnár believe? Apparently at least some of what informs Molnár's ideology is a belief in "double genocide" -- a popular right-wing theory in countries subjected to occupation by both the Nazis and the Soviets. Where the theory has seen expression most publicly since 1991 has been in the Baltic states, including Latvia, where members of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS have marched in parades with the status of heroes for having fought the Soviets.

Double genocide proponents in Hungary focus on Soviet repression, which began with the Soviet invasion in 1945 and extended through the late 1990s, with the peak occurring in 1956. These proponents suggest not only that the Soviet repression was as costly as Nazi occupation in terms of human lives (it was not: thousands were killed in 1956 vs. hundreds of thousands in 1944), but often, that the perpetrators of Soviet repression were Jewish.

This uncanny focus on the Jewish ancestry of some Hungarian communists is something we've seen before -- see Sergey Romanov's insightful comment on our blog. Molnár is apparently a firm believer, having co-signed an open letter on a Web site indicating refusal of the party (of which Gorka was cofounder) to sign a proclamation denouncing racism and anti-Semitism.

(I am in the process of seeking translation from Hungarian for this material and will post it when I do.)

Incidentally, this Web site features several bloggers from the party, one of whom is Gorka himself.

Lest we think that Molnár's views have moderated since he collaborated with Facebook friend Gorka in the mid-2000s, we need only consider the story of Eszter Solymosi, a Hungarian girl at the center of a blood libel in Hungary in the late 19th century. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the case has been revived since 1989 by Jobbik. Daniel Véri writes:
Besides the revival of Eszter Solymosi’s imaginary portrait, which will be examined in the next part of the study, two further works were created, showing the girl as a Christian martyr. Both were published on, the major news portal of the Hungarian extreme right. The first was created in 2008 by an unknown artist, the second – inspired by the previous one – in 2009 by painter Tamás Molnár.
The name Támás Molnár, it turns out, is not terribly rare in Hungary. It was the name of a conservative Catholic philosopher and U.S. resident, who died some time ago. It's also the name of a Hungarian Olympic water polo player. And, finally, it's the name of two artists -- one of whom was also a member of Jobbik.

Should Mr. Miniter be reading this, we can disagree over whether a double genocide theory is anti-Semitic. On blood libel, I don't think the jury is still out. Gorka has to answer for his friend.


Added at 5:30 p.m. EDT

The Forward has just published video of Gorka defending Jobbik's Garda paramilitary. An interview with Gorka from 2007 has him appearing to do the same.

Update: Goebbels Statements from 1941

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Goebbels' diary [hereafter TB], January 31, 1941: "Discussed with Bouhler the discreet liquidation of the mentally ill. 40,000 have gone, 60,000 have still to go. It’s a tough but necessary job. And it has to be done. Bouhler is the right man to do it [Longerich, Peter. Goebbels: A Biography (Kindle Locations 21516-21520). Random House Publishing Group, 2015. Kindle Edition, 21519, n.62; German text here]."

Das Reich, July 20, 1941: "Just as the fist of an awakened Germany has struck this racial filth, the fist of an awakened Europe will surely follow. Mimicry will not help the Jews then. They will have to face their accusers. The court of the nations will judge their oppressor.
Without pity or forgiveness, the blow will strike. The world enemy will fall, and Europe will have peace [source and source]."

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Lying about Elie Wiesel

Author: Sergey Romanov
A whole cottage industry has sprung up in recent years devoted to "proving" that the late Elie Wiesel was a total fraud: an impostor who stole an actual Auschwitz survivor's identity. Most of the crazies are of course Holocaust deniers. One notable exception is an actual Jewish Auschwitz and Buchenwald survivor, Nikolaus Grüner, whose book Stolen Identity. Auschwitz Number A-7713 serves as a springboard for the deniers.

To remind our readers: according to Elie Wiesel (1928-2016) in Auschwitz he had the number (and a corresponding tattoo) A-7713, his father Shlomo Wiesel had the number A-7712.

The basic denial claims look like this:

1. Elie Wiesel allegedly had no visible Auschwitz tattoo.

2. Camp documents allegedly show that Lazar Wiesel A-7713 from Auschwitz was born in 1913 (not 1928 as Elie Wiesel; note: both "Elie" and "Lazar" are variants of the name "Eliezer") and that A-7712, who Elie Wiesel said was his father Shlomo, was actually someone named Abram Viezel.

3. Grüner claimed that he knew the "actual" Lazar Wiesel A-7713 in Auschwitz (Monowitz) and Buchenwald and that he wasn't the same person as Elie Wiesel. Moreover, Grüner claimed to have also known the prisoner A-7712, Lazar's brother Abram.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Update: The SS versus the Civil Administration in the area of Einsatzgruppe A

Author: Jonathan Harrison
A key issue in the history of Nazi occupation policies in the USSR is identifying the point at which each SS unit was instructed, or allowed to, kill all Jewish men, women and children in its area. In the Critique here, I noted the document of Einsatzgruppe A leader Stahlecker of 6.8.41 [see VEJ 7, pp. 511-514 (Dok. 181)] that took issue with the guidelines issued by Der Reichskommissar für das Ostland, Lohse, which Stahlecker felt did not allow the SS to exploit "the radical possibilities for dealing with the Jewish Problem" that had "emerged for the first time in the Ostland," in light of "general orders from above that cannot be discussed in writing." I have also blogged this year on disputes between EK 3 leader Jaeger and the civil administrator Gewecke in Schaulen regarding the desire of the SS to kill Jewish workers and their families. Below I discuss a further important document, namely Operational Situation Report [hereafter EM] 53, and specifically an important passage written by Einsatzgruppe A (presumably Stahlecker).

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nazi Policy as Revealed in Axis Propaganda Sources

Author: Jonathan Harrison
This list is not meant to be exhaustive; it complements my other lists, taken from other types of sources, here and here. However, even if these open sources were the only information we had on Nazi policy, they would be overwhelming proof to any objective observer that a genocide was taking place.

29.6.41: "many Jews in Belgrade were shot yesterday for sabotage" [JTA citing Belgrade radio].

2.10.41: "the Jewish problem should be solved without any sentimentality [Voelkischer Beobachter, cited in JTA]."

16.11.41: Goebbels: "every Jew is our enemy, irrespective of the fact whether he is rotting in a ghetto in Poland, or continues his parasitic existence in Germany, or conducts war propaganda in New York and Washington [Das Reich, cited in JTA]." Full text here.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Rothstein canard

Author: Sergey Romanov
In a vain attempt to find a single Jewish prisoner transited through Belzec, Treblinka, Chelmno or Sobibor to the "Russian East" the Holocaust deniers turned to the electronic Holocaust names databases. In "Gassed at Treblinka and deceased in Minsk" Jean-Marie Boisdefeu claimed to have found one such person:

Finally, a taker

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
Yesterday I received the following e-mail message, in response to my 2011 Challenge to Supporters of the Revisionist Transit Camp Theory:

I, Jake O'connor, hereby accept your Challenge to Supporters of the Revisionist Transit Camp Theory as stated on the Holocaust Controversies blog site under [url of Challenge blog], and undertake to, within 365 days after this date, provide proof of at least one person identified by name who was transited through either of the camps Chełmno, Bełżec, Sobibór or Treblinka to the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories in 1942/43, in the manner more precisely described in the Challenge, to the Arbiter(s) chosen by me from among those mentioned in the Challenge. You will be immediately notified of the Arbiter(s) identity and the proof submitted to such Arbiter(s).»
I do not have a website/blog and have not engaged in online discussion about the holocaust before, but I can answer this challenge and as soon as they activate my RODOH account I'll post about it.

So Mr. Jake O’Connor thinks he can accomplish what no "Revisionist", including our usual customers Mattogno and Graf, has been able to accomplish in almost 72 years since the end of World War II. He thinks he can provide proof that at least one named Jewish individual was transported to Chełmno, Bełżec, Sobibór or Treblinka in the years 1942 or 1943, and then taken from there to a destination in the Reichskommissariat Ostland, the Reichskommissariat Ukraine or the Soviet territories under German military administration. He has undertaken to, until 25.03.2018, submit such proof to the Arbiter(s) chosen by him from among those mentioned in the Challenge.

Well then, good luck, Jake. And please send me the link to that RODOH post you’re announcing.

Update, 28.03.2017: Jake O'Connor's submission and my reply thereto can be read here.

Public Announcements in France in 1942

Author: Jonathan Harrison
On 27.9.42, Vichy leader Pierre Laval told Paris radio that Jews who entered France before 1936 and "who wish to emigrate to places other than Germany" would be denied exit visas, even though they may already hold visas to countries such as the USA. His reasons were "because they might take up arms against Germany, which would be contrary to the Armistice agreement," and "there is a suspicion that they would work against the interests of the French Government as soon as they reached another country" (JTA, 28.9.42, and Jewish News, 14, 27.10.42, p.1). The second reason echoed that given by Lecca here for the change in Nazi policy regarding Jewish emigration.

On 22.10.42, the Nazi agency Transocean stated that Jewish children were to be held as hostages: "Vichy may not allow these children to leave unless inimical propaganda against France and Germany ceases in America (JTA, 23.10.42)." However, it was already known that Jewish children were being deported separately from their parents (JTA, 28.9.42).

Friday, March 24, 2017

" would be better if Jewish families did not leave Europe"

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The quote in the title comes from Radu Lecca, who was interviewed for a Nazi newspaper, Der Neue Tag, published in Prague on January 3, 1942. Lecca confirms that the Nazis no longer wish to expel Jews from Europe because they would spread propaganda. Resettlement had thus been abandoned as Nazi policy. The quote was reproduced in Jewish News, No. 7; 19 May, 1942. Readers can click the scan below to enlarge the image.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Did The Einsatzgruppen Reports Give False Reasons for Shooting Jews?

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The reasons given in the Einsatzgruppen Reports [hereafter EMs] are sometimes used by Mattogno et al to deny that Jews were shot "because they were Jews." For example, on page 226 of this screed, Mattogno responds to the extermination remarks of Thomas in EM 133 [here] by stating that "The extermination was therefore motivated by the fact that the Jews were considered a "breeding ground [Nährboden]" and "germ bearers [Bakterienträger]” of Bolshevism." Mattogno simply takes Nazi excuses and pretexts at face value. Below I show a rational method for analyzing such pretexts.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gassing Statements made by Robert Barth of Einsatzgruppe D in 1943 and 1946

Author: Jonathan Harrison
For several years, I have been intrigued by the revelation by Richard Breitman [Official Secrets, here, p.190] that gas van information may have been given to the British as early as November 1943 by an Austrian Einsatzgruppe D officer named Robert Barth, even though Barth did not give the testimony used at Nuremberg [NO-3663] until the Autumn of 1946. This would be powerful independent evidence of gas vans because it could not be accused of being contaminated by sources that did not surface until 1944-1945. Hans' excellent series on gas vans prompted me to dig further. I conclude that it is highly probable that Barth did discuss gas vans with the British before the end of 1943.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Heydrich's Plans in early October, 1941

Author: Jonathan Harrison
We cannot say for certain whether Hitler had decided by early October 1941 to exterminate Europe's Jews in death camps. We can be sure, however, that Heydrich wished to exterminate them on German-controlled soil. Here's how. On October 2, 1941, Heydrich ruled out the resettlement to the East of Czechs who were hostile to Germany because "they would form a leadership class in the East, which would be directed against us [denn aussiedeln kann ich sie nicht, weil sie drüben im Osten eine Führerschicht bilden würden, die sich gegen uns richtet]." He stated that these people should be "put up against the wall [sie endgültig an die Wand zu stellen]." However, two days later, Heydrich met Meyer, Leibbrandt, Schlotterer and Ehlich and moaned that demands for Jewish labour would prevent a "total resettlement of the Jews out of the territories occupied by us [NO-1020, in VEJ 7, p.153: "Dies würde aber den Plan einer totalen Aussiedlung der Juden aus den von uns besetzten Gebieten zunichte machen]."

These statements can only be reconciled if Heydrich's "totalen Aussiedlung der Juden aus den von uns besetzten Gebieten zunichte machen" is a euphemism for killing the Jews within the territories occupied by the Germans, because the statement of two days earlier had ruled out the resettlement of hostile populations in colonies in the East, and Jews were intrinsically a hostile population in the Nazi worldview, as shown by Heydrich's statement at Wannsee that any remnant of Jewry had to be "treated accordingly, because it is the product of natural selection and would, if released, act as a the seed of a new Jewish revival (see the experience of history)." This is also confirmed by the fact that Heydrich blocked the emigration of Spanish Jews residing in France to Spanish Morocco because, in Heydrich's words, "these Jews would also be too much out of the direct reach of the measures for a basic solution to the Jewish question to be enacted after the war [see Browning's footnote 17 here]." Heydrich's plan was therefore clear; the only question is whether or not Hitler shared it by that date; and if not, how long did it take for Hitler to give the green light?

Evidence on the Babi Yar Massacre 29 & 30 September 1941: Testimonies

Author: Hans Metzner
Part I: Contemporary Sources
German Sources (20 documents + 13 photographs)
Diaries of Local Population (2)
Swiss (3), Soviet (6), Polish (1), US Sources (1)

German Military, Paramilitary & Ukrainian Police Forces (29)
German Civilians (1)
Local Population and Prisoners (32)

NB: Many of the Russian testimonies have not been translated into English, however a decent understanding is obtained from machine translators such as google translate.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Nazi Mass Murder Statements (Part 1)

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Further to my previous list, this article adds numerous quotes that clearly spell out mass murder intentions or that report mass murder actions. Preference is given to sources with online links:

1) Palfinger, 8.11.40: "a rapid dying out of the Jews is for us a matter of total indifference, if not to say desirable [YVA O.53/78, p.8; German text also here; translation in Browning, p.66]."

2) Stahlecker, 6.8.41: "an almost one hundred percent immediate cleansing of the entire Ostland of Jews [VEJ 7, pp. 511-514 (Dok. 181), here p.514]."

Monday, March 13, 2017

A quick note on the update to the "Separate Accommodation" posting

Author: Sergey Romanov
I have significantly updated the posting ""Separate accommodation" in Auschwitz: a code word for extrajudicial executions", adding the document graphics as well as proof that the crucial letter was signed by Maximillian Grabner.

A Charge of Forgery Supported by Forgery: The Smearing of a Genuine Auschwitz Photo

Author: HC Guest Blogger
a guest post by Andras Szilagyi

[An introductory note by Sergey Romanov: as I was browsing through the denier accounts on Twitter, I noticed that a new wild denier "theory" has appeared regarding the famous Auschwitz Sonderkommando photos (whose authenticity is not in any doubt despite the denier allegations). Turns out the CODOH zombies discussed it too, in all earnestness. I also found a very neat refutation of this claim on a Hungarian skeptics blog, asked the author if I could re-blog it here and got the permission. This case shows once again that there is no half-baked, harebrained conspiracy scheme that the deniers won't latch onto in order to deny the proven facts of history.]

Unsurprisingly, the process of industrial-scale genocide perpetrated in the Auschwitz death camp has been documented only by a few photographs taken on the spot. The exceptions include four photographs clandestinely taken by a few members of the Sonderkommando, the prisoners forced to dispose of the huge amount of corpses coming from the gas chambers. The photos were smuggled out of the camp in a tube of toothpaste, along with an accompanying letter. Out of the four photos, the best known is this one, showing the area of an open-air burning pit behind Crematorium V:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seminar Talk of SS leader Franz Six on "the Physical Elimination of the Jewry in the East"

Author: Hans Metzner
On 3 and 4 April 1944, the German Foreign Office and the RSHA organized in a Hotel in Karpacz in Lower Silesia a seminar on anti-Jewish measures and propaganda outside the German Reich. One of the lead speakers was Franz Six, previously head of the RSHA office VII (Ideological Research and Evaluation) and leader of the so called Vorkommando Moskau of Einsatzgruppe B. Although details on the Jewish measures from the talks of Eberhard von Thadden and Heinz Ballensiefen were "not taken up into the protocol because of their secret character" (accompanying letter from Rudolf Schleier of 20 April 1944), the Nazi policy was indicated in the protocol of the talk from Six, who explained that "Jewry in Europe has ended its biological and at the same time political role" and that "the physical elimination of the Jewry in the East deprives Jewry of its biological reserves."

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Germar Rudolf destroys Don Heddesheimer in a single sentence.

Author: Sergey Romanov
Heddesheimer's thesis in The First Holocaust is just silly: the figure "six million" was mentioned in relation to Jews before the WWII, therefore something something. There is no logical or historical connection between those cherrypicked mentions and the proven facts of the Holocaust. Basically, that is all that needs to be said to deal with this sad little irrelevant brochure.

But now, on the heels of Amazon throwing out of dozens of Holocaust denial books, comes Germar Rudolf and agrees:
[Heddesheimer's book] deals with Jewish fundraising campaigns during and after the FIRST World War, and therefore if only for chronological reason does not deal with the Jewish Holocaust of the SECOND World War.
There you have it, from the horse's mouth:  Heddesheimer's thesis is totally irrelevant to the Holocaust.

PS: one should ask though why Rudolf published it as a "Holocaust Handbook"... Oh well.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Amazon stops selling more than 70 Holocaust denial books

Author: Nicholas Terry
In the past month, a wave of articles has been published around the world criticising Amazon for selling Holocaust denial books. To my knowledge, Amazon offered no public response, seemingly ignoring the growing chorus asking why denial literature was on sale through the world's largest online bookseller. So imagine my surprise when last night I tried searching for Kindle updates to the 'Holocaust Handbooks' series on and found... nothing.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Evidence on the Babi Yar Massacre 29 & 30 September 1941: Contemporary Sources

Author: Hans Metzner
The killing of more than 30,000 Jews on 29 and 30 September 1941 in the ravine Babi Yar in Kiev is known as the largest individual Nazi massacre. This posting continues and extends the collection of evidence in That's why it is denial, not revisionism. Part III: Deniers and Babiy Yar massacre (1). Numerous contemporary German sources cover the preparation and planning of the mass shooting (fabrication of wall posters by a Wehrmacht propaganda unit, delivery of 100,000 rounds of ammunition to the police forces of the Higher SS and Police Leader South-Russia and intention of Sonderkommando 4a to execute "at least 50,000 Jews"), its implementation (reports of Einsatzgruppen, Higher SS and Police Leader Russia-South, Wehrmacht, Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories, German Foreign Office) and its clean up (Wehrmacht photographs). The mass killing was also echoed in contemporary diaries of the local population, contemporary Swiss, Soviet, Polish and US sources. A seperate posting will compile some of the testimonies of German paramilitary personnel, German civilians, local population and prisoners on the mass shooting and the later body disposal in 1943.

Part I: Contemporary Sources
German Sources (20 documents + 13 photographs)
Diaries of Local Population (2)
Swiss (3), Soviet (6), Polish (1), US Sources (1)

Testimonies of German Paramilitary Forces & Nazi Collaborateur
Testimonies of German Civilians
Testimonies of Local Population and Prisoners